About Sparx Therapeutics

Sparx Therapeutics is a research-based development-stage biopharmaceutical company. With a mission of “Cutting-edge Biology and Chemistry, Life-changing Technologies for Smarter Medicines”, Sparx discovers and develops innovative medicines of highly unmet medical needs.

Equipped with big data analytical techniques, such as machine learning algorithms, Sparx attempts to extract limited but highly useful clinical signals out of the extremely large volume of complex multi-dimensional public information including web articles and forum discussions in target mining. With in-depth pharmacological analyses followed by in vitro and in vivo evaluations using our syngeneic, transgenic and humanized mouse models, Sparx is poised to discover and develop innovative medicines in highly unmet medical areas both promptly and successfully. Sparx has developed two mouse hybridoma protocols for quick and repetitive immunizations and built a phage display library of 1012 recombinant variants for human antibody discovery. Sparx utilizes several methods including random and site-directed mutagenesis to further improve the binding affinity, specificity and other drug-like properties of its lead antibodies. By employing a novel and proprietary antibody engineering technology, Sparx also develops bi-specific antibodies and antibody drug conjugates (ADC), along with CAR-T cell therapy for broader applications of its innovative antibodies.

In addition, Sparx has developed a new screening technology to expand the clinical applications of small molecular chemical entities as well as several tumor-targeting drug delivery technologies for both small molecule and macromolecule medicines. Sparx has a rich development pipeline for treatment of cancer and CNS diseases, leveraging its proprietary and proven antibody and chemistry platforms.