Sparx Therapeutics-News release 2018-11-8

Sparx Therapeutics & KPC Pharmaceutical Sign Agreement for the Development of anti-Claudin 18.2 Antibodies

Sparx Therapeutics, Inc. has signed an agreement with KPC Pharmaceutical to discover and develop a monoclonal antibody against Claudin 18.2 with the potential to treat a range of human diseases including gastric cancer. Under the terms of the agreement, Sparx will be in charge of the discovery and preclinical characterization of an anti-claudin 18.2 antibody utilizing Sparx’ hybridoma and phage display technology platforms. KPC will be responsible for the manufacture and clinical development of the drug candidate. KPC will make upfront and milestone payments to Sparx for an exclusive global right of the key development candidates. Sparx will also share some royalties after the drug is commercialized.

Located at Mount Prospect, west suburb of Chicago, Sparx Therapeutics is a research-based development-stage biopharmaceutical company. Sparx has developed two mouse hybridoma methods for quick and repetitive immunizations and built a phage display library of 1012 recombinant variants for human antibody discovery. Sparx employs several methods including random and site-directed mutagenesis to further improve the binding affinity, specificity and other drug-like properties of its lead antibodies. For more information, visit or send email inquiries to

Founded in 1951, KPC Pharmaceuticals, Inc is one of the major publically traded pharmaceutical companies in China. KPC was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since 2000 with stock ticker symbol of ‘KPC’, 600422 SH. KPC fully owns or is a major shareholder for Kunming Traditional Chinese Medicine Co. Ltd., Kingtide Notoginseng Industry Co. Ltd., Xishuangbanna Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Kunming Pharmaceutical Commercial Co. Ltd., Kunming Baker Norton Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Nukus Botanic Technology Co. Ltd., Kunming Yinnuo Medical Technology Co. Ltd., and Beijing Holley-Cotec Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. KPC’s major pharmaceutical brands include Luotai®, Tianxuanqing®, Artemedine®, Artem® and Arco®. For more information, visit KPC’s website at //

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